Society Rules

Thorpe Willoughby Golf Society

  1. Can all members make sure they have paid the £15.00 joining fee by the end of March 2013.
  1. To allow Mark Backhouse to book future courses he will require the means to give out deposits at short notice, it is proposed and agreed that each member will put £10 into a kitty. After MB has paid the deposits he will then request the same amount from each member who is to attend the event and top up the original £10 this way he will always be solvent.
  1. If a player pulls out of a comp day after the deposits are paid they will lose there deposit.
  1. If a player puts their name down for a Monthly Comp and doesn’t pay the securing £5 Deposit.  When the deposits are paid to secure the Days golf at the chosen course. The players who haven’t paid there £5 deposit will not be allowed to play at that monthly Comp. As we always give you at least a weeks notice of when the deposits are needed.
  1. If any player does not have official handicap they will start off 18 and adjustments will be made accordingly. (Above or below the normal system).
  1. Any Player who joins the Society without an official handicap cannot win or finish last in any of there first 3 Comps until we have given them a Society Handicap after completing 3 rounds of Golf. ( They can however compete for the nearest pins, longest drive, Nearest pin in 2 and the Joker Trophy).
  1. On competition day each player will pay £3 to enter  


  1. Money will be paid as follows, Winner £12, Runner Up £8, 3rd Place £5. All Nearest Pins, Longest Drive and Nearest Pin in 2 will all win £5 Each   
  1. Deduction only applies to cash competition handicap adjustment for other competitions will be as per Congu rules.
  1. Any Members who leaves the society, there Handicaps will be valid for 5 years if they return to the society.
  1. If score card is marked as no return score will be recorded as 2 above after handicap adjustment (i.e. par 5 with shot will be recorded as 8)..
  1. Anyone who forgets to bring a trophy back on the day will be charged a £5 Fine (per trophy), which will go into Kitty
  1. Finally if there are any disagreements which need to be resolved the committee’s decision will be final.


TWSAGS Winter & Summer Match play Rules.

The cost of entering our Match Play Comps are £8

and if you dont want to play in the Comps, your name will still be entered into the first round at a cost of £2 this just helps keep the comps moving.

To enable all matches are played within the Thorpe Willoughby Golf Section Spirit of the game the following rules apply.

The venue, day, and tee time, for each match will be mutually agreed with both players prior and with in the deadline date set.

For each match NO OTHER format shall be played, i.e. Society Event, Medal, Stableford, etc. by the 2 competition players.

The numbers of players in each group MUST NOT exceed 4

The match shall be played in the following format only: -

Full difference of handicap

I.e. Player 1 H/C of 14,

Player 2 H/C of 23,

Difference is 9; player 2 receives 1 shot per hole advantage on stroke index 1 to 9.

As per Royal and Ancient rule book, and EGU.

In the event of tie after 18 holes the match shall continue playing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc (sudden death), until the match is won.

All match results will be notified to Mark Backhouse via the winner.

All rules will be as per the Royal and Ancient rule book

In the event of any disagreements between both players,

See Mark Backhouse and if needed the Referrals Committee shall intervene and their decision shall be final.

Thorpe Willoughby Golf Society © 2010